Dilapidations claims - A Summary

Dilapidations Claims - A Summary

A typical modern commercial lease will describe in detail the obligations placed on the tenant in keeping the property in good repair and decorative condition throughout the term. If you are about to sign a lease make sure there is an arbitration clause to cover dilapidations disputes. We have drafted a suitable clause so contact us if you would like us to send a copy to you.

Dilapidations is an area subject to continual development .Case law can and does significantly alter the way dilapidations claims are won and lost. See our other news articles for the most recent cases.

Failure by either party to understand and comply with their obligations can lead to dispute and the possibility of substantial financial loss.

No two dilapidations claims are identical, nor will the lease covenants or other circumstances necessarily be similar either. The Civil Procedure Rules and the Property Litigation Association's Pre-action Protocol have fundamentally changed the method in which dilapidations are now approached.

In our opinion this is not an area of practice for the inexperienced. A more experienced surveyor acting for the other side will advise their client at the critical stage of entering into the lease and towards the closing stages when a terminal schedule of dilapidations is served and be able to minimise their financial exposure.

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