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Tenant Services Tenant Services Tenant Services Tenant Services Tenant Services Tenant Services Tenant Services

Whether you are a tenant in an industrial warehouse; an office building; a retail unit; or an office with an internal repairing lease we can deal with your dilapidations claim swiftly and effectively.

Dilapidations liabilities are stated in most Commercial Leases obligating the Corporate Occupier to return the premises to a defined condition on the expiry of a lease, whether this is determined by effluxion of time or exercise of a break clause.

Most Tenants feel overwhelmed by a Schedule of Dilapidations, which is a lengthy highly detailed legal document. We can represent the best interests of the Tenant to ensure that the Landlord does not take advantage. For example, whilst there is a legal requirement to reinstate the premises to its original specification, the responsibility can be removed if the Landlord decides to leave the premises in the same condition.

Dilapidations Guide Tenant

Dilapidations Guide Tenant As a tenant you may be able to challenge the landlord’s list of required repair work, referred to as a schedule of dilapidations. To be in a strong position to mount a challenge you need to consider the dilapidations question right at the outset, with the help of your building surveyor, before you sign a lease. The term dilapidations is normally used to cover defects...


Our Services Include:

Tenant Services - Our Services Include
  • Preparation of Schedules of Condition
  • Defence of Interim Schedules of Dilapidations
  • Defence of Terminal Schedules of Dilapidations
  • Dilapidations assessments for Budgeting or Acquisition
  • Repairs Notice advice
  • Management of building contracts
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