Landlord Services

Landlords can seek our advice and protection. A properly assessed and presented Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations can prevent disputes with Tenants and reduce the timescales considerably.

Landlords now have the opportunity of a fast and clear appraisal of their Tenant’s liabilities, combined with the tactical knowledge to pursue an effective claim from start to finish.

Dilapidations Guide Landlord

Dilapidations Guide Landlord All dilapidations disputes can ultimately end in a court. It is therefore important to protect your position in the event that you eventually commence proceedings...


Our Services Include:

Landlord Services - Our Services Include
  • Preparation of Schedules of Condition
  • Preparation of Interim Schedules of Dilapidations
  • Preparation of Terminal Schedules of Dilapidations
  • Final Claim negotiation
  • Strategic advice to Landlords towards end of Tenant lease
  • Review of “stalled” Dilapidations negotiations
  • Supervision of works