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It is our blend of professional knowledge, experience and UK market perspective that gives us our market leading position.

Addressing the issues of a dilapidations claim is crucial for landlords to maintain their buildings, whilst tenants want to ensure they only pay the minimum cost to reflect their repairing obligations.

The Pre-Action Protocol sets out the procedures for dealing with dilapidations claims as a lease end or break approaches. At Dilaps UK, our Nationwide team are all RICS qualified and experts in interpreting the relevant protocols and applying them to protect landlords and tenants alike.

The Courts are there to protect both sides in the event of dispute, but our expertise usually allows us to achieve negotiated settlements without the need for costly Court hearings.


HOW WE WORK Whichever side we are acting for, we get the best result for our clients out of any dilapidations negotiations. We ensure that our clients are not distracted from their core business by clarifying their expectations and giving...



TENANT SERVICES Dilapidations liabilities are stated in most Commercial Leases obligating the Tenant to return the premises to a defined condition on the expiry of a lease, whether this is determined by effluxion of time or exercise of a break clause.



LANDLORD SERVICES Landlords can equally seek advice and protection from Dilaps UK. A properly assessed and presented Terminal Schedule of dilapidations can prevent disputes with tenants and reduce the timescales considerably.