Specialist Dilapidations Surveyors

Dilaps UK

We are the only Nationwide team of Dilapidations Surveyors specialising solely in commercial property dilapidations claims and assessments for both Tenants and Landlords.

Our Surveyors have detailed knowledge and experience of the law governing this complex minefield of dilapidations.

We have a proven track record and act throughout the UK.

If you have received a claim please contact us on a no obligation basis on 0345 604 6233 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • #dilapidations : in 2017, 5855 retail outlets closed at the rate of 16 stores a day.

How We Work

Whichever side we are acting for, we get the best result for our clients out of any dilapidations negotiations.

You will receive detailed explanations and guidance, together with a professional and realistic appraisal of the situation. We report periodically on progress and advise in a commercially appropriate way.

Most importantly we will save you time and money.

How We Work

Tenant Services

Dilapidations claims can be baffling.

If you are a tenant in an industrial warehouse; an office building; a retail unit; or an office with an internal repairing lease...

We can deal with your dilapidations claims swiftly and effectively.

Dilapidations liabilities are stated in most Commercial Leases obligating the Tenant to return the premises to a defined condition on the expiry of a lease, whether this is determined by effluxion of time or exercise of a break clause.

Tenant Services

Landlord Services

Landlords seek our advice and protection.

A properly assessed and presented Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations can prevent disputes with Tenants and reduce the timescales considerably.

Landlord Services